chris maillard


I’m a highly experienced, creative and flexible content specialist.

I’ve tackled all types of project, from building groundbreaking websites to launching luxurious magazines, guiding big brands’ comms strategy to conceptualising bleeding-edge social media campaigns.

I’ve got recent, high-level agency experience, and I’m at home in all sizes of organisation, from global corporations like the BBC to lone wolf Shoreditch startups.

I’m adept at handling clients, great at collaborating with colleagues, know how to run a team of any size from 2 to 250 and have a hugely successful record of training and leading future stars.

I’ve launched some of the largest media brands in the country, conceived, built and launched websites, blogs and e-mail campaigns for some of the biggest brands in business, successfully launched (and sold) an independent b2b brand with world-famous awards and its own major exhibition, won hard-fought pitches to publish customer magazines and sites for some of the world’s best-known names, conceived and presented training courses in the UK and abroad, and edited the biggest magazine in the UK at two days’ notice.

I’m also amazingly modest.

My other skills include basic cooking and dubious guitar playing

My CV is here. Or you can download it as a pdf by clicking here